The reason being that it might add the crazy

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You can definitely combine our thoughts with something such as a lootbag, where every drop you select up is placed in the lootbag, and on passing you dropold school rs gold your 200% reclaim price + the material of that bag. That way that you bring into the wild with youpersonally, but at the same time you're risking your own drops. This would also address the inventory option as you say.I agree that the chances of almost any wilderness upgrade are slim, but because it's a broken system. I hope that my proposal fixes that strategy to start up the wilderness as a new region to place content in. So long as people are devoting months of advancement when they get skulltricked the wilderness will never be as popular as it was once a BIS has been 70k.

As I had suggested something similar to this another 13, I concur with this. The difference in what I suggested, being is that there could still be a opportunity for items to fall. Invention could be used to decrease the possibility further. The reason being that it might add the crazy and some bigger risk/reward capacity. A pro you didn't mention that'cashing out' slows the wealth drain inherent from the community because of shrinkage of equipment.

It's a good extra point youre making about the wealth drain.Regarding your suggestion, I really don't think it would change the present state much. I'm still not going to risk my t90 weapon When there's a chance I'll save my item. If I know I'm risking my t90 in my system, which is 1.8m to recover at 200%, I'm probably still going to bring it on my slayer tasks. Worst case scenario I have to spend 30 minutes to create that back. I am expecting to incentivise people to actually take some risk by capping the danger. The risk is reduced by your proposal but doesn't cap it, you could wind up losing your t90 weapon, albeit a chance.

I'd add the requirement that when a runescape player doesn't have enough coins inside their money pouch to pay their cost that is cheap runescape 3 gold, their things will be lost. And to create pkers a target that is prized, coins that are un-pouched should drop on death.