Universal Foil

Get the best quality universal foil at the TAAROA website at an affordable price.

TAAROA has developed the UP which I the universal foil. The UP is a platform that has been designed to make foiling more accessible and multi-disciplinary. The UP foil is the new standard for accessible, versatile, and modular foils. It is a comprehensive platform with an array of constantly evolving array of modular components that allow you to adapt easily to the navigation conditions and your practice at a minimal added cost.The front wings of our windfoil range can be mounted on the UP foil. It is particularly valuable for those willing to reach better performance in wingfoil. In addition, the rear stabilizers of the windfoil and kitefoil range are compatible with the UP, in order to further enhance its potential. The Quick Precise mounting system for the stabilizer (identical to the windfoil and kitefoil range) allows you to adjust the stabilizer angle. The UP foil is the gateway that connects all foiling disciplines: it works well in wing, surf and SUP foil, but it is also suited for wind and kitefoil. For more information, refer to our website.