Stuff like this would be less annoying if we saw it a third too often

Stuff like this would be less annoying if we saw it a third too often

Stuff like this would be less annoying if we saw it a third too often, which we would if there were far animation options.It's not necessarily that they use cartoons that disturbs me, but the truth they seem like they had been designed by a person who hasMut 20 coins for sale never watched soccer earlier. The two-man catch animation in which the receiver brings in the ball and starts to pull it down but has lightly handled by a 190 pound corner and the ball suddenly flies 15-20 yards through the atmosphere makes no sense at all. I haven't seen deflections that dramatic in real life, let alone tackles on receivers. The kinetics of the cartoon make zero sense.

It's just a bug with ball physics not intentional. As the other guy above stated, Madden just really is lacking with animations variety, but again, synergizing that many animations is not an easy job, so even when they did this, bugs and inconsistencies would likely run even more rampant. Although with financing Madden names get, it's still fairly feeble excuse tbh, they certainly could do a LOT better. Will see I guess, sim licence gets available in 21 and 2k already sets foot in NFL videogames, so there's some expectation, that 2k will deliver something unique to the table, or EA will be forced to up their game to maintain market and competition up.

What the community needs EA to fix/add the most to

I want to understand who 5.2percent is and smack each one of them. Why on earth would anyone believe MUT desires improvement over gameplay? I meanit would be nice to know that if I started MUT halfway into year I wouldn't be paired against an 85 ovr team when mines under 75. Main reason I don't play it. Even better, have a casual MUT selection and a pro. Go into version and you can just use coins and no purchasing. Teams would be from anything you earned. Where it is what it is 12, or make a team. Anything purchased on PRO will not xfer to casual, although your casual team will move to expert side. Idk, never been a MUT person before but appears that if you do not begin and keep consistent from launch of sport, your team won't amount to anything.

Imo, MUT is something I did when it first came out then never did again because it has gone the next calendar year, not like a free package. I get MUT has room for improvement I agree with everything you mentioned (non earning casual MUT will never happen tho, ever), but when I'm being real, I prefer MUT was just gone as it's triggered everything else tobuy Mut 20 coins have ignored.