What will be Production Version of 2000-horsepower Electric Hypercar Rimac C_2?

What will be the production version of the 2000-horsepower electric hypercar Rimac C_Two?

The head of the Croatian company Rimac says in a 10-minute video about all the changes that will distinguish the serial version of the electric hypercar, compared to the previously shown C_Two concept.

Rimac unveiled a concept version of its C_Two electric hypercar at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The machine gave an idea of ​​what to expect from the serial version of the new items. At the upcoming Geneva motor show this year, the brand is finally planning to introduce a production version of the car. In anticipation of this event, Rimac began to publish videos that are dedicated to the long-awaited new product.

This week the sixth episode was released, in which the founder and CEO of the company, Mate Rimak, talks about how the serial version of the hypercar will look like.

The video shows a prototype of the novelty, which is far from being a production model - the car shows the state of the development phase of C_Two about 12-16 months ago. Mr. Rimak says that the car has changed a lot, including aerodynamics and other body changes necessary to comply with safety rules.

In appearance, almost everything has changed - from headlights to rims. The latter will come with Pirelli tires specifically designed for the hypercar. Brembo brakes will provide the necessary braking, with a second set of calipers to be added to the rear as a parking brake. Mate Rimak explains that the side air intakes needed to cool the engine, as well as the rear brakes, have undergone some changes to become more efficient. Changes affect the interior of the hypercar. Many interior elements will be printed on a 3D printer.

The production version of the Rimac C_Two concept, which will debut on March 3, will receive a different, more exciting title that will suit a $ 2.1 million hypercar more.

Luxury sedan DS 9 fully declassified

On sale outside North America, the novelty will appear at the end of 2020.

In the segment of luxury sedans, another ambitious player from France appeared - DS 9. The debut of the model, based on a modified version of EMP2 with front-wheel drive PSA, was organized the day before. The new business sedan belongs to the class of large sedans, although it is a little shorter than the same BMW 5 Series. In technical terms, this is a plug-in hybrid. The DS 9 was equipped with a PureTech gasoline engine working in conjunction with an electric engine and an 11.9 kWh battery. The power plant reaches 225 hp On one electric traction, the novelty will travel about 40-50 kilometers.

Over time, the sedan will receive more powerful versions - at 250 and 360 horsepower.