How to Buy a Second-hand Luxury Rolex Watch without Risk?

How to Buy a Second-hand Luxury Rolex Watch without Risk?

How to buy a second-hand luxury Rolex watch without risk and make a good deal? I'll explain everything to you!


1 My advice for buying a used Rolex
2 My tips for recognizing a real Rolex
3 Types of Rolex Watches
4 What criteria should be taken into account when buying a second-hand Rolex watch?

Have you long dreamed of acquiring a Rolex watch , but have never taken the plunge yet? Many men I know have dreams, but sometimes the cost of it is not necessarily affordable when you want to buy it new. But did you know that it was possible to realize this dream by offering yourself one of these second -hand luxury watches ? I assure you that buying a second -hand luxury Rolex watch is often cheaper, and you will realize this for yourself when you have compared the price.

They thus pass from the new state to the second-hand state and depreciate from the first year, an argument to take into account if you are not riding only new objects.

If you decide to buy an almost new Rolex on the second-hand market, I can confirm that you will pay for it at a very good price, a second-hand product is never more expensive than a new product, except if 'it is a collection model.

Be careful however if you wish to acquire second-hand luxury , that the source of sale is sure not to come across a fake or damaged watch. Indeed, the repair costs of a Rolex are not less, depending on the problem found.

In addition, if you are tricked, the remedies can be very long and may not be successful and you may regret having bought this luxury second-hand. There are Official Rolex Distributors who can also assist you with your acquisition.

My tips for buying a used Rolex
I can advise you here on how to acquire a second-hand Rolex watch safely. I have found that it can be found in shops with a good reputation, and even on the Internet.

Second-hand Rolex watches are sold quite expensive, but are systematically authenticated and revised. I also know that there are purses for watches which are very famous and reliable.

During these sales, professionals and various informed collectors display Rolex watches for sale.

On the Internet, there are also many sellers on the international market but beware of counterfeiting. I advise you to favor large sellers with a storefront or a good reputation online.

Before concluding a purchase, consult the profile of the seller or the internet site. Check previous sales and ask as many questions as possible. Normally, I think that a serious seller can guarantee the authenticity of the watch he sells without any problem.

My tips for recognizing a real Rolex
It is quite easy to recognize a real Rolex watch for men or women . First of all, it is necessary to examine the second hand which must have a uniform movement and make no noise. If not, I believe you have a copy.

When the Rolex has the date function, the reverse day change is made at 6 o'clock instead of 12 in the normal direction. Pull the crown and scroll the hands counterclockwise to check it.

In 2 rounds of the dial, the date must change only 6 hours. I still advise you to check the serial number with the original document of the watch. It is between the horns at the dial at 6 o'clock. To see it, remove the bracelet and inspect the quality of the engraving. The Rolex is also still heavy and waterproof.

Types of Rolex watches
I have seen different types of Rolex watches . Among the most classic, we find the Rolex DateJust, the Day-Date, the Cellini for men and the Lady-Datejust as well as the Pearlmaster for women.

The Sky-Dweller is still a classic model of the brand. There are still professional Rolex watches that combine style with quality. We find the Yach-Master, the Sea-Dweller, the GMT-Master or the Day-Date 36 among the most recent. Among the oldest Rolex watches , we can cite the Oyster Perpetual from 1953 or the Submarine from the same year and water-resistant to 100 meters, allowing the time to read the immersion time thanks to a rotating bezel. The GMT-Master dates from 1955.

At the time, it was the official watch of the famous airline Pan American Wolrd Airways. It is distinguished from the others by a two-tone bezel. In 1956, the brand released the Oyster Perpetual Date-Day in 18 ct gold and platinum. The first version for women was released in 1957 and was called the Lady-Datejust. It has a calendar stopwatch.

What criteria should be taken into account when buying a second-hand Rolex watch?
To buy a second-hand luxury watch , and in our case a Rolex, I suggest several criteria to take into account.

If the watch is less than ten years old, it is often sold in its original box. In addition, some documents are provided with such as:

The warranty certificate
The certificate of origin
The purchase invoice with its price
The user manual

I have also already found certain complementary parts such as bracelet links and sometimes even a spare bracelet. If you like to change your style depending on the outfit you wear, a second bracelet will do the trick. Personally, I really like to match my watch (when I wear it) to my shoes, as I often wear white sneakers, a white watch strap will provide a visual reminder that I find interesting.